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After last week’s Dragonlance debacle, this week is a little quieter: GAMA restructures its membership, Wizards announces a new program of online mini-conventions, and a few new products: a new Roll20 app; a Terminator RPG; and a fan-made reimagining of an Oriental Adventures setting.

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Cover art from Evil Hat Productions' upcoming Thirsty Sword Lesbians

This week: the authors of D&D fantasy series, Dragonlance sue Wizards of the Coast for breach of contract over a commissioned new trilogy; Chaosium commemorates two years since the death of Greg Stafford with #WeAreAllUs — and a new edition of the legendary Pendragon RPG; and we look at the looming 5e boom (hopefully no bust).

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In our bumper two-week update: a luxury RPG event goes digital; the pandemic’s effect on game stores; and a collaboration between Renegade and Hasbro brings a Power Rangers RPG — and more. Also: transgender superheroes, ghost hunters, and a fan-made finale to the D&D cartoon.

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This week, a Batman RPG is announced; histories of Greyhawk, Magic the Gathering and TSR litigation; a dungeon-design competition; and our two cents about the ALIEN RPG. What We’ve Been Playing This weekend we played “Hope’s Last Day”, the back-of-the-book adventure from Free League’s award-winning ALIEN RPG. The acclaim makes perfect sense: the system is…

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This week we reflect on the difficulties of online gaming during the pandemic; we look at legal battles over fansites and an LGBT videogame from the ’90s; Hasbro revives a classic dungeon-crawl board game; and Andrews McMeel continues their push into RPGs… Follow us for updates: What We’ve Been Playing In one column this week,…

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Cover art from space station RPG, Orbital.

This week, a Silicon Valley VC firm takes a look at the future of tabletop games, Astral’s Virtual Tabletop seeks a competitive edge with a key partnership, Wizards of the Coast announces two very unsurprising crossovers, and a fantastic bundle of award-winning RPGs. Follow us for updates: What We’ve Been Playing For most of the…

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Interior art from Free League Publishing's Twilight: 2000

The standard news may be a little quiet this week — Hasbro announces a digital convention; a senior designer leaves Wizards of the Coast — but on the crowdfunding front we take a look at some of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns of the season as they enter their final days… What We’ve Been Playing For the past…

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Cover art from Dungeons & Dragons' upcoming Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

This week: the UK Games Expo awards are announced, Shannon Appelcline looks at Chaosium’s history of collaboration with other publishers, and Wizards of the Coast announces the next Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook. What We’ve Been Playing For the past few weeks we’ve been playing Apocalypse World second edition on Tuesday nights. James played the game’s…

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Interior Art from Free League's upcoming Twilight: 2000

This week: a supplement featuring a combat wheelchair for 5e ignites arguments and inspires miniatures; the Dragon Awards nominate three RPGs; and Free League revisits a game from the past about a future that is now the past that never was… What We’ve Been Playing On Saturday night, friend-of-the-blog Jess ran us the Junior Braves…

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